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A guaranteed good quality amount of protein. I will continue to purchase this product! Tastes nice, does the job and doesn't make me ill. It is really sweet though but thankfully I have a sweet tooth: Syntrax Nectar Sweets 12 Packets Brand: Select Flavour 12 Packets. Strawberry Mousse Available for immediate despatch Available in different variations. Add To Shopping Basket. Write a review Share. Optimum Nutrition, Hydrowhey Protein: Similar thoughts as the regular whey protein. Nothing spectacular, but not bad. This is more readily absorbed by the body for enhanced effectiveness.

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Optimum Nutrition, Casein Protein: You would want to take this usually at night rather than after a workout. After a workout you want protein quickly to your muscles. But at night, taking casein helps preserve any muscle while you sleep. When mixed with liquids, it is thicker than whey protein. I took casein for months every night but ended up stopping because it hurt my stomach. They are a bit thicker when mixed with liquids, and they taste good too.

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All of these are just okay, not outstanding. They have all sorts of protein soy, egg, milk, vegan, many more! For example, you can choose splenda or stevia to sweeten. You can choose more or less flavor additive. You can choose to add in certain vitamins. You can choose what form of filtration the whey protein has. I like thick protein.

They have endless flavors. Giant Sports Whey Protein: They are sweet too. About Time Whey Protein: I tried sample packets of these. Syntrax, Nectar Whey Protein: I ordered 13 single serve sample packets of this protein. It mixes so well and is really sweet.

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Do not do not consume this product. It was recently found to contain heavy metals tungsten, lead and cadmium … This is a raw protein powder. The protein is plant-based! Tastes better than the RAW Meal if you ask me. The Elite XT is a micture of whey and casein protein.

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Since casein is thicker than whey, this is verrrry thick when mixed. This is the very first brand of protein powder I ever tried, how cute. It mixes fairly well; not too thick, not too thin. Body Fortress Whey Protein: This is the cheap, walmart protein powder. All I can say is do not buy it. My boyfriend has extra and I tried a few servings.

I heard good things about this brand, but it was kind of underwhelming. Just average; not too thick or thin. It mixes well too. Fit Miss Protein Blend: This is a blend of various forms of protein including whey, casein, and egg albumin. Where can I buy these flavors of cellucor? So I was wondering if you knew of another protein brand that carries similar flavors and are as good as Cellucor whey?

I am sooo sad too!! They were my faves too: I wish I knew, so sorry! I also like my protein to be thick and full of flavor.

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It was actually your review of Cellucor that got me hocked ;. Ahhh so so glad to hear that!! I may try it out myself, too! Let me know what you think when you try them plzzzZzzzZ. Is Cellucor vanilla your favorite tasting vanilla? I use protein powder mostly to bake with myself, so not worried about how it is as a shake. Just looking for the best tasting vanilla and chocolate. Should have said that in other post!

Page 1 of 4 Jump to page: Thought I would post all these coupon codes I have here for products at Supplementscanada. O Xplode g AMT: MB4 Muscletech Anator P70 3. Hydroxycut Hardcore cp AMT: FB7 Whey Protein Blends: WB4 Ultimate Nutirion Sensation 81 6. WB6 Cytosport Muscle Milk 2. WB7 Whey Protein Isolates: VD4 If Spend Over